Cre8ing Victories Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation 6 Day Master Online Course

 I've been looking for you, yes you! How are you feeling?

~Feeling as though you have no idea how to process your emotions with all that is happening in life?
 ~Feeling stressed, depressed or angry?
 ~Feeling like you need to make a life change but don't know where to start? 
 ~Feeling like a passenger in your own life?
~Feeling worried with a side dish of anxiety?
~Feeling exhausted from being on autopilot for too long in your day to day lifestyle?
~Feeling depleted, drained or at times defeated?
~Feeling like you don't know your life's purpose anymore?
~Feeling lonely or alone in your life, like you have to do it all or no one else will?
~Feeling like you don't know what your next move in life is?
~Experiencing feelings of resentment, shame or guilt?
~Feeling like you don't know who you are anymore within your current life situations?
~Feeling like you can't stop your mind from racing?

If you are feeling any of these things you have been guided here for a reason, it's time to slow down and take some much needed time for yourself. Pssst...I too have experienced all of those feelings. Here's a little secret I want to share with you...These feelings can all change and it starts with YOU! Yes.
Cre8ing Victories For Yourself with Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation
6 Day Live Online Course
February 20th-February 29th, 2024
6:00pm MST
You're worth making the small investment in yourself to make an everlasting impactful change in yourself, for yourself and others in your life.  
C8V Mini Course Day 1 by rebelswishrevolutions