I am going to be honest here...Rebels Wish Revolutions was, in fact, inspired from some of the darkest days of my life. From a life filled with abuse, manipulation and addiction. I simply had enough and needed to pull myself up and out of the dumps. This did not by any means happen over night. More of a 3 year process of a lifetime of WTF!!! No one was going to do it for me and trust me my rebellious side pushed my limits and others limits. No doubt about it...I needed to rebel against all the feelings that were keeping me from moving forward to the healthier woman I wanted to be. This is the inspiration behind the vision of Rebels Wish Revolutions Online Clothing Store and Cre8ing Victories For Yourself Community and how I came to move this mission forward.

Rebels Wish Revolutions is designed to inspire all to REBEL against all things that are keeping you from following your dreams by reviving the power of your wish mindfulness.

Whether you're doing awesome in life and feel the vibe I hope to keep inspiring you to keep on doing you. If you're in a place of heartache, loneliness, or trying to find your authentic self and you're feeling the RebelsWishRevolutions vibe; I am happy I get to inspire you to believe you have the power to achieve your dreams. You just have to put the work in, the hardest part of the work is believing in yourself when you are at your lowest, and my friends that is different for all of us. I hope this story will truly help anyone who is or has been in the dark, to gain your power back and begin to build your resilience, the choice is all in you.


With Love and Gratitude,
Ann Walker, Founder and Creative Designer
RebelsWishRevolutions and Cre8ing Victories For Yourself Community
More than an Online Clothing Store...It's A Movement.